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    Recipes — pho

    Faux Pho

    Faux Pho

    By Joel Unbound

    Faux pho (the easy way)

    Servings: 2 People

    Items needed: Crockpot and soup pot

    For the meat:

    1 large goose breast

    1 - 2 duck breasts (depending on the type of duck)

    1 - 2 packets taco seasoning

    1 can of beer

    1 box chicken broth (32 ounces)

    For the soup:

    2 boxes chicken broth (32 ounces of each)

    1 box or package of sweet potato glass noodles

    Green onions

    6 - 12 ounces chanterelle mushrooms


    Whole basil

    Garlic powder

    Chinese five-spice powder


    Soy sauce


    For the meat:

    Sprinkle your goose breast and duck breasts with powdered taco seasoning on both sides 1-2 packets should coat it well, as this will add spice to your meat. Let sit covered in the fridge for 30 minutes. Optional: You can sear the goose and duck in a pan if you wish.

    Next, put your goose and duck in a crock-pot or slow cooker. Pour in 1 box of broth. Pour in ½ can of beer. Cover and cook on low heat, until meat is falling apart and moist, but not dried out. Usually about 6 hours, but might vary. 

    Pull meat apart and set aside.

    For the soup:

    Shred your chanterelles by hand into small bite-sized pieces and set aside. Heat a pan and add in a tablespoon of butter. Add in the chanterelles. Cook until they have expressed all their water and it has evaporated back into the mushrooms, they will be slightly tacky in texture. Remove from heat and set aside.

    Pour two boxes of broth into a deep pot.

    Thinly slice 4-5 green onions on an angle and add to pot. Bring to a simmer.

    Add in garlic powder and Chinese five-spice powder to taste. Add in 1 - 2 tablespoons soy sauce (also to taste). Turn heat to warm only.

    Cook 2 servings of glass noodles according to package instructions.

    Add noodles, cooked chanterelles and meat to your broth.

    Bring heat back up just long enough to get the soup hot (Do NOT boil)

    Serve with a side of fresh sprouts, basil and Sriracha.