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    Recipes — empanada

    Elk Heart and Tongue Empanadas

    Elk Heart and Tongue Empanadas
    Hearts and tongues are some of the tastiest pieces of wild game that are typically left behind. During my last elk camp; six hunters harvested six bull elk and no one wanted the heart or tongues from their bulls. I happily scavenged each heart and tongue throughout the week. Each time I asked if I could have those pieces and was met with giggles or a “You really wanna eat that?!”. Since that time I have processed and enjoyed every single bite of the hearts and tongues from those bulls, one of my favorites being these Elk Heart and Tongue Empanadas. I shared some of my dished with the hunters from that camp and they were blown away. I have been told on more than one occasion “You won't be getting anymore hearts or tongues from me, these are too good not to take home”.

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