Communicating the Common Good - For Hunters and Anglers

Wildlife management is mostly about people management” – Jack Ward Thomas, Forks in the Trail

This is one of my favorite quotes from Texas-native Jack Ward Thomas – the 13th Chief of the US Forest Service and later a Professor of Wildlife Conservation at the University of Montana.

Our Top 10 Favorite Books for this Summer
Looking for a go-to summer book list? We’ve got you covered. Our Hunt To Eat Team put together a list of their favorite past reads and what they are currently reading, centered around hunting, conservation, food, and community.
Hunt To Eat and the National Wildlife Federation Announce Hunt Clean Initiative Shirt to Promote Lead-Free Landscapes
Hunt To Eat and the National Wildlife Federation are proud to collaborate on their Hunt Clean Initiative t-shirt, a design promoting the use of lead alternatives while in the field.
Influencing the Influencers
Is it possible for hunter conservationists to learn how to influence their ‘influencers’ effectively? Yes, it is. Here's how.