Jason Norris

Like most native Texans Jason found himself on many family camping trips that included canoeing, fishing and enjoying nights under an expansive sky. In those early days his family frequented local state parks. The way Jason understood it, you paid an entry fee to be outdoors. During his college years he found a passion for rock climbing and backpacking. This lead to his discovery of public land. It was now that he realized he and his friends could go on a spontaneous adventure and leap into a car and travel to California, New Mexico or Colorado and be free to roam and explore.

Jason was late to the true experience of hunting, having only had the opportunity to participate a few times growing up. As a novice hunter he believed that conservation meant buying a license, a gun and harvesting an animal. As the years have passed, he has learned the true meaning of conservation.

“It means work, dedication, it means donating time and money and effort to causes you believe in. It means having conversations with people from all walks of life and representing yourself and the hunting community in the best light possible.”

Jason is on the board for the Texas Chapter of Backcountry Hunters and Anglers, a member of TRCP and certified by 2% for Conservation.

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