Asha Aiello

A native Oregonian by way of India, Asha grew up in rural southern Oregon (a mecca of fishing, hunting, and foraging opportunities) but is an adult onset hunter and only learned to fish, hunt, and forage about ten years ago.  

If it can be done in the outdoors, Asha’s is probably out doing it. She enjoys fishing for salmon, steelhead, bass, and walleye, and hunting everywhere from the aptly named Hell's Canyon for mule deer to their local duck blind and everything in between. Most recently she learned to forage and is always on the lookout for chanterelles, morels, and her personal favorite – cauliflower mushrooms. Her passion extends to finding new and inventive ways to cook wild game and someday finally figuring out how to finally land a trout on a fly rod.

While she has spent the bulk of her career in workforce development, improving economic opportunity and equity for Opportunity Youth, Asha had the opportunity to be the marketing manager of the Tualatin Cabela’s for three years.

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